Publication of Metsamorian Readings 2017

10.12.2017 / Otto Bagi

On the 1st November, the publication of the conference held at Metsamor in September has arrived still fresh and warm from the press. It contains all the articles of the participants and many more submitted by researchers who were not able to attend the conference. Among the published materials are Prof Krzysztof Jakubiak’s “Metsamor: Research on the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Occupation of the Site from the Ararat Plain”, Artavazd Zakyan’s “Kurgan VI of Metsamor as an Example of Burial Structure Reusal”, Mateusz Iskra’s “The Planigraphy of Small Finds from Metsamor Excavations: Results of Two Seasons (2015, 2016)”, Tigran Zakyan’s “The New Pitoi from the Settlement Area of Metsamor”, Marek Truszkowski’s “Report on the Aerial Surveying of Archaeological Sites in Armenia carried out by the Institute of Archaeology of University of Warsaw and Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology in the Years of 2013-2016” and Otto Bagi’s “The Ancient Landscape of Metsamor”.

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