End of 2017 Season

03.10.2017 / Otto Bagi

All good things come to an end, so as our latest season at Metsamor. The team has made an enormous progress in the settlement, the 5 groups that worked in the “lower town” dug deeper to reach the earlier phases of Urartian occupation. During the excavation, more than 310 kg of pottery and over 100 kg of animal bones were unearthed along with some exceptional finds such as three in situ large storage jars, two complete skeletons, two Urartian bronze fibulae, a clay bread stamp, 3 iron knives, 3 decorated bone pins and the first, so called Scythian arrowhead ever discovered at the site, just to name a few of the 100 small finds. We would like to express our gratitude towards all the participants of the excavation and hope to see everyone again in 2018.

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